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Photographer & painter of dots

ipaintdots… on everything!

Painting dots got under my skin about three years ago when I was looking for a fun gift to take back east.  The patterns and design possibilities have evolved over time.  I love making ornaments at this time of year, and I’m finding other ways to use my dot patterns, making new decorative items like necklaces or tealight holders or embellishing my favorite mugs.  And when I don’t have my paints at hand, I am taking pictures of what inspires me.  One discipline has influenced the other.  Photos inspire palette choices for certain projects.  Of course, my travels and the open skies of the southwest show me things large and small to fill my lens.  Lately, we have all been staying home a lot. I’ve had plenty of time to make things and unfortunately, there will be no Craft Shows this year.  It seemed a good time to work on a website. Please be kind while we work out the kinks!

Thanks and happy browsing!